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Suggestions for Choosing the Best Blender for Smoothie Making

When it comes to choosing the best blender for your smoothie making, here are some suggestions for what to look for:

– Opting for blenders with a wide, solid base for stability.

– The suitable blenders for smoothie-making should have a high-speed, 1000+ watt motor. But don’t get too caught up in motor specs. A higher quality 1300 watt blender, or instance, will outpeform a cheaper 1500+ watt blender. Overall blade and pitcher design, as well as motor mechanics and build quality makes all the difference between a blender that can easily handle frozen fruits, raw carrots, tough kale and ice – and a blender that falls short.

– A blender with a large pitcher is recommended. Several newer blenders on the market have smaller, personal-sized pitchers. While these might be tempting, small pitchers limit your ability to make full-size green smoothie meals, and these blenders often have less power than full-sized smoothie makers. Making a green smoothie for more than one person is impossible in personal-sized blenders.

– Quick and easy cleaning are also necessary. Does the blender require disassembly or can you quickly clean it by running a blend cycle with hot water and a drop of soap?

– A solid, long-term warranty is an indicator of how long your blender will last. Most blenders sold in stores come with a 1 year warranty. Some of them offer two years. However, you don’t want to replace your blender every few years because you use it every single day! True high-quality blenders should offer a 5-10 year warranty (7 years is typically the norm).

Vitamix is one of the quietest blenders in the high-performance range, and absolutely purees everything put in it. You will never get bits of leafy greens, or chunks of frozen strawberries, or gritty seeds. Vitamix delivers rich, smooth green smoothies day after day. Blendtec also makes high-performance blenders that are comparable to Vitamix, and of course, is a good choice, too.

So when you are ready to upgrade to a Vitamix or Blendtec, take a look at Discount Codes for Blendtec or Vitamix for more information.

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