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Male Power Erotic Men’s Underwear

When it comes to sexy, revealing and unique men’s underwear you can’t go past Male Power an absolute pioneer in risque undergarments for men in a variety of different styles including shorts, bikini’s, thong’s and the very popular sheer and mesh styles. Utilising a variety of luxurious and standard fabrics are what separate them from everyone else in the market.

In a time when underwear has been brought from the bedroom to the mainstream media and men are starting to accept new styles and become a little more adventurous with their choices. This acceptance primarily came about when shopping online became popular as people were now able to buy the things they truly desired without feeling embarrassed or judged. By shopping from the comfort of your own home and discreet parcels arriving at your doorstep everyone’s feels a little more ambitious and unhindered buying underwear that’s slightly or totally naughty.

Male Power [], surprisingly started way back in 1974, whilst freedom and liberties in expression were present this was still a time where underwear was a reserved conversation and choices were, at least in the mainstream very conservative. Fast forward almost 40 years and we can now see men are embracing new styles and sexy designs over the traditional y-front’s and tighty whites and opting for mesh thongs, PVC boxer briefs and metallic jockstraps, a far cry from trends we’ve seen in the past.

There was time when it was thought only women were self conscious or pre-occupied with they way they looked but nowadays it’s quite evident that men also possess these same flaws, hence why male fashion has been such a success in recent years.

Whilst these new styles and cuts have beckoned on yet another new era of liberty and sometimes slight androgyny they will never replace the underwear we know and love and reserved only for those whom can physically pull it off or have a preference for the avant garde and sexually fuelled garments.