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Drinking Soft Drinks Sensibly

Soft drinks are readily available, ubiquitous, convenient, tasty, and serve the important purpose of rehydrating our bodies. We recognize hundreds of brands from TV, movies, magazines and advertisements, and for some they can represent a certain lifestyle or way of thinking. Drink vendors are some of the most innovative and exciting marketers to offer products to the masses, and in a competitive market they are experts are making up want to choose their brand over another. In fact, we often choose an expensive brand over a supermarket own-brand, when we know they generally taste the same.
Not all drinks are made alike however, and with drinks we must consider the health benefits and issues associated with them. There are many potential ailments that excessive intake of soft drinks can exacerbate. The chief problems could be obesity, tooth cavities and even diabetes. The health effects of the many different ingredients in soft drinks are highly contested, as the Western world quickly balloons in size we look around for the cause.
Certainly, some drinks contain high levels of sugar or even caffeine which has been linked to anxiety or increased levels of stress. On the other hand, main independent reports have shown that soft drink consumption, if kept at a normal level, poses no significant risk at all. It is only when people consume drinks to great excess coupled with an unhealthy diet that they become problem.
Americans have doubled their consumption of soft drinks in the past 30 years. This increased consumption is linked to increased obesity in the country. However, this link is not conclusive because it is suggested that those who drink excessive amounts of soft drinks are more likely to be leading less than healthy lives, so soft drink consumption may not be the driving force.
Choosing beverages which contain a larger amount of fortified ingredients is one way to make them healthier. Choosing sodas which are made with a lower amount of added sugar is also a good way to reduce the caloric intake from drinks.
These is increasing debate on whether vending machines serving these drinks should be banned from schools, as opponents of soft drinks believe that these machines are a contributing factor when it comes to childhood obesity. This has become a complex issue, as vending machine producers contest that vending machines cause the problem, and also point out the large amount of money that schools currently make from the sales made.